Mission Statement

Within the Indie Arena independent game developers and studios from Germany, Austria and Switherland can:

  • connect with one another
  • present their current projects
  • share setbacks and successes and
  • create events together

Indie Arena Kickoff auf dem A MAZE 2013. Photo von Julian Dasgupta

The forum is for whom?

All game developers (coders, designers, visual artists, sound artists, writers...) and indie studios from Germany, Austria and Switzerland that are actively working on a project.

Requirement: You have released a game or worked on a game that was released. The forum is not intended to provide assistance on how to actually build a game. We do recommend the german speaking forums zfx.info or spieleprogrammierer.de though!

Additionally all supporters of the indie scene like organisators, curators or other supporting forces.

Why the restriction?

The forum is only for developers, to ensure that it stays on topic. We're showing internal work-in-progress and discuss questions that aren't supposed to be public.

We kindly ask publishers, recruiters, service & middleware provider to take a look at our list of members and games if you want to get in touch with the developers.

How can you join?

There is no open registration as we want Indie Arena to grow organically and to stay personal. If you want to participate then simply send an email to post@indiearena.de. Please provide some information about you, your studio and your games. That way we can get a clearer picture of you and your skills. Please also take a look at the rules before you write your mail. We'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.