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Christian Schnellmann

Game Designer from Luzern, Switzerland.


I have a degree in philosophy. Today, I am creating between two and three games a year for iOS, Android, Mac, PC and PS Vita.


Entwickelte Spiele

Lowboat January 2013 bis heute

A spaceship mysteriously falls from the sky and sinks to the bottom of the ocean.

New Road January 2013 bis January 2015

Draw a curve and it turns into a road.

Flight Simulator 0 July 2012 bis November 2012

Explore an abstract landscape

AUX B October 2014 bis March 2016

Connect the cables. Deliver the music.

Kind of Soccer January 2014 bis January 2016

It is not soccer. Only kind of.

Paneuropa January 2014 bis April 2015

A split-screen game for one player.