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Joachim Eckert

Softwareentwickler Freelancer, Technical Director bei Sharkbomb Studios, Mobile App Experte


Unity 3D (C#), Cocos2d-x (C++), Lua, Javascript, Enterprise PHP, Java, Android Native Development

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Softwareentwicklung im Bereich Mobile (Android Nativ, iOS hybrid), Gaming (Unity, Cocos2d-x) und Web (PHP) sowie Beratung in diesen Bereichen.


Eckert Internet Services




Sharkbomb Studios - Technical Director

We are an Indie Studio from Karlsruhe, Germany. We craft our games with passion and other magic ingredients.

Entwickelte Spiele

Hipster Zombies - Technical Director November 2012 bis March 2013

When hipsters turn themselves into zombies and haunt the living it is time to fight back. Ironically.

Touch of Death - Technical Director May 2013 bis July 2013

Your friend and mentor is dying in your arms! Dastardly attacked and left to die. Tradition commands that you avenge this senseless death.