Indie Arena

Michael Nischt

Solves problems (usually through code) and likes to jump over obstacles (preferably in real life).


C / C++, Java, C#, Golang, Javascript, Python
OpenGL 2.x, 3.x & 4.x, Direct3D 9.x
Unity3D, Android, HTML5

Working 3 days / week on Albion Online ( and 2 days / week on Pwnie Yard (





monoid - Code Monkey & Superintendent

Evil research lab with scientists in Berlin and Hamburg.

Entwickelte Spiele

Pwnie Yard - Code Monkey & Superintendent January 2013 bis heute

An indie game where you design a challenge for your friends. Layout traps, place various smart guards, and choose tasks to fulfill.

Blades of Chance - Game Design, Code October 2014 bis April 2015

A round based tactical fighting game for 2 players on 1 device with a mix of rock-paper-scissors and gambling mechanics at its core.

Pwnie Yard: Razorettes - Code Monkey & Superintendent April 2015 bis April 2016

Get to know the twins and save Tommy by jumping over the swinging barbwire... forever