Indie Arena

The Indie Arena forum is where independent game developers and studios from Germany, Austria and Switzerland can connect with one another, present their current projects, share setbacks and successes and create events together.

Open the Indie Arena forum

We aim to bring talented and creative people together. We believe that games are a valuable part of culture. We insist on our creative and artistic freedom when making games. We are interested in innovative and personal games that are honest and forthright with players and colleagues.

Together we want to share and learn from and with one another. Our united power helps us to organize indie game dev events in the DACH area. The Indie Arena brand unites us and makes it possible for us to more strongly represent the developer scene.

Want to join?

There is no open registration as we want Indie Arena to grow organically and to stay personal. If you want to participate then simply send an email to admins. Please provide some information about you, your studio and your games. That way we can get a clearer picture of you and your skills. Please also take a look at the rules before you write your mail. We'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Note: The forum is only open to experienced independent game developers. If you are unsure if you fit, read on.

Independent Game Developers

The Indie Arena is primarily for independent game developers with some experience that are based in Germany, Austria or Switzerland..

Independent means that you build games in creative autonomy. That doesn't mean you need to do this alone or that your team only does that. We also don't care if this is a hobby or you earn money with it.

Game developer means that you're involved with creating the game itself. If you're a game designer, coder, writer, visual or audio artist then that clearly applies to you.

With experience we mean that you have completed and released at least one game. We don't care how big or small the game is, as long as your own creative ideas can be seen in it. It's not about 20 years of professional experience but about you being familiar with game development.

Indie Supporter

The Indie Arena is also open to friends of the indie scene. If you're supporting the scene and you can help us reach our goals, let us know. We have event organisators, curators, journalists and other supporting forces in mind.

If you can't join

In case the above doesn't apply to you, here's a few words.

Newbie Developers

If you are new to game development, then the Indie Arena is not the best place to start. We provide only very little technical help. Instead we'd recommend you look for one of the many online forums for hobby developers.

For example there's german-language ones like ZFX or We're sure that the people there can help you better than we could. And once you've built a game we'd be happy to welcome you here.

Publisher, Recruiter, Service & Middleware Provider

The Indie Arena supports and fosters independent game developers, which is why our forum is closed. There's lots of in-progress material shown that's not neccessarily supposed to be shown to the outside world. For connections we however provide a list of members and games in our directory. That way you can get in touch with the Indie Arena members directly.

We're also open for cooperations with the Indie Arena itself. Please get in touch via e-mail. We're looking forward to hearing from you.

The Rules

Every community needs a few rules. Here are ours:

Be yourself

The Indie Arena is an open, personal community. If you register it's a must that you introduce yourself. There's a thread for this so jump in there and tell us something about yourself.

Additionally we'd like you to add some important information to your profile. That is:

  • Your real name
  • A photo of you as profile picture
  • The name of your studio, if you have one
  • Your website
  • Your twitter account

Be constructive and friendly

As a member of the Indie Arena it's important that you always remain constructive. Bring your personal touch and your perspective, be open and direct but always be friendly.

Whoever attacks, taunts or insults other members, who posts inappropraite content or otherwise violates the goals of the forums will be publicly warned. A second warning brings with it a timed ban. A third warning leads to a permanent ban.

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