Indie Arena


Evil research lab with scientists in Berlin and Hamburg.





Michael Nischt - Code Monkey & Superintendent

Solves problems (usually through code) and likes to jump over obstacles (preferably in real life).

Hossein Maktoufi - Artist, Trouble Maker

Genius artist who will surely be famous 200 years after he dies (or at least he hopes so).

Entwickelte Spiele

Blades of Chance October 2014 bis April 2015

A round based tactical fighting game for 2 players on 1 device with a mix of rock-paper-scissors and gambling mechanics at its core.

Pwnie Yard: Razorettes April 2015 bis April 2016

Get to know the twins and save Tommy by jumping over the swinging barbwire... forever

Pwnie Yard January 2013 bis heute

An indie game where you design a challenge for your friends. Layout traps, place various smart guards, and choose tasks to fulfill.