The Indie Arena is a community for the independent game developers in the German-speaking countries of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. To us independent means that the games were built with a high degree of creative autonomy. That doesn't mean that our members do this alone or that they do exclusively that. But it means that they are involved with creating the game itself (for example: designers, coders, artists etc.) whether as hobbyists or professionals.

How can you join?

The community used to be centered around an online forum but has now transitioned fully to a Discord server. To join us there simply visit However there's also a special "Developer" role with access to some of the more sensitive channels. If you are intersted, then read here how to apply.

Other Inquries?

If you're from the press and you're interested in the Indie Arena, please check out the press kit for some basic information. If you need anything else feel free to get in touch directly.

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